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  In Kolkata I spent about a month. I arrived to Kolkata on  December 8, 2008 and left by train to Mumbai on January 4, 2009.

Every day I was walking and touring this city, using all kinds of transportation : Bus,Train,car, Taxi cub, Rikshaw , man, bycicle,motor, Subway,Tram and Fairy.

Every day I choose a direction and visited another neibourhood.

Here I am going to write the date and an abstract of places I visited that day. This will be a link to the full story of that day. You just have to klik on this link , and get the page.

You can also follow  my trip by klicking at the end of the page on the blue rectangles saying: "Next Page" or go backwards by klicking on: "Previous Page"



December 28, 2008   My visit in Kolkata Zoo




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