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             Da Lat    09/02/2010


We arrived to Dalat. Me and my wife.

First of all , we found  the hotel Phuong Hanh, 80-82, Duong 3/2 street.

We put there our luggage and we were free to start our tour.

We started walking up along the  3/2 street and then arrived to a nice square.





From here if we go down the stairs we could see  the Dalat Market




 IMG_0844D   IMG_0848D     IMG_0843D


On the other side , we see the area of Xuan huong lake.

We were looking for the lake, but we saw only the area were the lake is supposed to be, since the whole area is dried, and there is no water in the lake.

In the picture we can see the little boats , in a shape of a swan, parking, until there will be water  again in the lake, as it was in the past – the most  beautiful lake in Dalat city

              IMG_0895c-swan boats.


We met a nice family, and we did a plan going for a trip together, next morning,

But when the morning came, we found that there is a problem in our plan, so that family went to another trip, which you can read about it in their blog:



We went to the old train of Dalat.

About  500 meters east to the Xuan huong lake, we get Quang Trung Street

And then to Dalat Railway Station.

On the way, we saw a  special strange building which looks like half a  barrel.



When we got closer we saw the name:  Vang Dalat


Even closer, we saw that it's something like a restaurant or a pub.





The train station which was opened in 1938, still  retain its original French art deco architecture and coloured-glass windows.


               IMG_0855cd  -   Ga Da Lat



When we got in we saw the old train


    IMG_0856d   IMG_0857d  



The train goes to the  village of Trai Mat which is about 8 Km  from this station.

We wanted to buy a ticket, but the worker  in the station said that the train is not going anywhere if there is not at least 6 passengers.

We were disappointed because we were the only ones in the station.

We asked if we can wait for more people, and the worker agreed that this is a way to solve the problem.

So, after about half an hour, came more people, and the cashier sold us the tickets to get on the train.

A ticket cost  70,000 Vnd


The way to Trai Mat passes near tended vegetable gardens . It was a marvellous sight , the high intensity agriculture using hothouses for growing the vegtables and flowers, and using sophisticated watering system.


    IMG_0862d        IMG_0863d       IMG_0864d
   IMG_0865d      IMG_0866d     IMGP0534d
    IMGP0535d       IMGP0536d      IMGP0537d

                To get enlarged picture - Click on it !




We arrived to  Trai Mat  and started climbing a hill.

On the way we saw  a pile of  baskets which  the locals use to  carry their agricultural products to sale.



Next to another house we saw the piles of products: one pile of  cabbage  and  one pile of  carrots.




On the top of the hill we could already see  the pagoda






We walk 300 m up the road and take a narrow lane to the left to reach Chua Linh Phuoc, an attractive Buddhist temple.

But first we take a closer look at the pagoda



         IMG_0871d         IMGP0541d     

We go around the pagoda and we see a big statue standing in the back of this pagoda




This pagoda is still under constructions




We entered to the pagoda  and from each floor we saw a different marvellous sight


   IMG_0879d       IMG_0880d       IMG_0881d




      IMGP0550d       IMGP0558d        IMGP0559d
      IMGP0560d      IMGP0561d  


At the last floor , there was in the pagoda a big statue of Buddha






Across the street we see the famous  Chua Linh Phuoc  






. We go to main entrance.






We see  its huge Buddha and mosaic-adorned pillars, made from broken rice bowls and fragments of beer bottle




     IMGP0544d        IMGP0553d


We wanted to stay longer, but we had to catch the train back within half an hour, so we returned to the train station of  Trai Mat  .


    IMGP0562d         IMG_0887d       IMG_0888d




We returned to Ga Da Lat and from there we walked to our new target:

    The Crazy  House










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