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Landing at Delhi's airport

 05:00 o'clock AM, I fill like I fell from the sky, did not realize where I am.   Standing with bags looking around ...  Barely 3 seconds ... Then, immediately "attacked" by people who come to offer you their good hearts and to convince you to go with them on  their "Rickshaw", which  is the most popular transportation mean in India.

 "I'll take you to the best cheapest hotel " - they try to convince me, but before I have the time to respond, they have already taken away my bags and carry them to an unknown target. . Of course I ran after them, taking the bags from them by force, claiming that I have already ordered an hotel.

 Of course it was not true. I just had selected the name of a hotel I read in the book about India. I did not have any RESERVATION, because in the book was said that there is no problem to get there Hotels.

 The rickshaw  driver,  with a friend who helps him  translating  what I say  tell me they will take me in a special deal to the hotel  for only 500 rupies..

  I show them the hotel name and address, and they swing their head, and smile, and I therefore think they understood what I mean and they know where to take me. As a new tourist, I did not know that they do it all the time, and their intention has nothing to do with what I meant.

  I asked them to reach the neighborhood Pahar Ganj Main Bazaar street , Lord's hotel. After driving for half an hour,  they stop , and tell me that we arrived to the hotel. I look at and not see a thing.  No bears and no forest. I start argue with them, I asked the hotel I mentioned the specific, rather than another hotel.

The  "Interpreter" steps of the rickshaw, requires from me the money. He says that the driver stays with me and tells me that he will take me where I need , but  I'll  have to pay him 100 rupee more when he gets the place.

 To get rid of him, I gave him the money, I continued to travel with the driver, who has brought me to the hotel, so I gave him the amount plus the fee requested.


Here are pictures first days Delhi 20/11/2008 - 25/11/2008




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