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My trip to India        20/11/2008 - 09/02/2009

I  don't know until now,  what was the reason for this trip to India.

May be I was looking for an opportunity of business, I wanted to learn  how did India  become so advanced in the computers programming .

I wanted to also see interesting places, meet people , getting new friends ….

  I decided I wanted to share with more people earned experience and information during the trip deed so I build this site, which can be read on the experiences, insights and information relevant to the subject.

In the following pages I  am going to introduce you the places which I visited, during the trip, and of course, along with photos, maps, links, explanations.  Route will be detailed in the order of chronological and places I've visited.

I will appreciate if visitors of this web sight, will send me their comments , or want to add details or articles in the subject we deal.

You have just to click on: :Contact Us, and than you can write what ever on your mind.  Interesting things, stories, facts, and relevant information will be published very soon, as I get them. On the other hand, bad language, curses and irrelevant material will be deleted immediately.

It will be nicer, if you  become a member of this web , by signing up and getting a login name and password . This will give you the option to get in touch , directly with other members of this web, and become part of this community.

Other benefits you may find out later, and all of it is free and no obligation.

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